Here are some examples of WordPress pages. These are a little different from posts. You use pages to create evergreen content, material that you want lots of visitors to be able to see. Usually, your “posts” aren’t as evergreen, they’re always-changing content that’s here this week and then moves to your archives the next.

You can decide on different layouts for different pages, depending on how many “distracting” elements you’re willing to have your reader exposed to. This page includes two sidebars, so it looks very similar to a regular post.

Sales pages or pages that are encouraging a subscription to your newsletter often have no sidebars at all, so the reader’s attention is totally focused on your offer.

You can create pages that are tied to your site’s navigation, so all visitors can find them. You can also create pages that aren’t tied to any navigation, so you have to give readers the web address (URL) to find it. That can be a great way to handle sales pages, or content exclusively available to email subscribers.